Scissors and Knives

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  • Dropping a knife. An omen that there will be a male visitor. May he be Brad Pitt!

  • Dropping a pair of scissors. An omen that indicates disappointment.

  • Crossed knives. A sign of bad luck. Be careful.

  • Giving/receiving knives as a gift. Don't ever give knives as a gift as it is said to sever the friendship. Then again, if you don't really like the person.... though, if you DO like the person then you can give them knives, just make sure that they give you a small coin in return to break the bad luck curse.

  • Scissors hanging on a hook. This is a sign of good luck

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Resource: Bosanko, S. (ed) How to Predict Your Future; An Illustrated Guide to over 100 Fortune-Telling Arts Treasure Press, 1988